Farm girl (for one day)

I spent a warm afternoon at Tanaka Farms in Irvine. Who would have thought that Irvine would have a 60 acre family owned organic farm? My friends and I participated in the Cookout Tour where you pick your own veggies and get to cook them for lunch! I was chuckling to myself as this little girl refused to eat the cooked veggies she picked and rather munched on her carrot and goldfish crackers. I shouldn’t judge because that’s probably what I would’ve done =)
My favorite was actually the roasted beets (something we didn’t pick) and golden nugget cherry tomatos. I would highly recommend this tour for everyone and as every great meal does, ended with dessert – strawberry picking! One tip: for diehard carnivores, bring your own protein to cook on the grill along with your veggies as the tofu may not do it for you. I’m planning to return for their watermelon tour this summer!

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