giving thanks

Thanksgiving is a feast of a holiday. Rather than marking the beginning of the Christmas season, I think it marks the beginning of an eating frenzy. Does anyone remember that 24 hour fitness commercial that aired around new years a few years back? In the commercial, people open up their gifts showcasing their Christmas “gifts” saying, “for Christmas, I got a double chin!!!!” or “for Christmas, I gained 10 extra holiday pounds!!!”. Yes, yes, oozing sarcasm. Anyways, for me, Thanksgiving is about good food and family but also stuffing your face until you can stuff no more and passing out in a food coma.. then waking up from the stupor to work off the food by shopping on Black Friday.

This year, Alice and I thought it’d be great to give my mom a break and cook the T meal. Kinda. Alice’s bf, got a preseasoned turkey breast from Costco, my mom made dinner rolls, and we made the rest. We made marinated butternut squash with fresh basil, cranberry orange sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy (thanks Trader Joes), cranberry apple and sausage stuffing, pear gorgonzola and walnut salad, and an apple pie. It was a lot of fun prepping/cooking for the family. The best part was playing yoot nori and beating everyone!!! Muhahaha!!!!

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