Becoming our mother

This is dedicated to my superstar mom and heart-of-gold sister, two of the brightest stars in my life.

Back in the day, our mom would peridically make dinner for our youth group. Despite being a full-time working mom, she’d stay up late the night before making a marinara sauce from scratch for 60 rowdy kids because that’s how she showed love, through food cooked from the heart. I think about Alice and I are just like our mom. To celebrate our birthdays, rather than going out to dinner, we’d much rather host/cook. We did just that this weekend with Michael for 13 of Alice’s friends for her 25th birthday. Just for the record, my sister is one of the most thoughtful, giving people, EVER. What else motivates a person to stay up until 2AM to make empanadas on your actual birthday? The three of us were so happy to see everyone having a good time and eating practically everything we made. Umma would be proud.

Alice’s birthday dinner menu
Beef empanadas
Chips and salsa verde
Barbequed beef tri tip
Chimichurri sauce
Orzo salad
House salad with bell peppers
Pao de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread)

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