cake decorating 101

Cooking classes are such a delight. What’s not to like about making and eating good food and being around like-minded people? Nonetheless, I felt so out of my element this weekend when a very talented, self-taught cake decorator, LP, from my church taught a bunch of newbies how to work with fondant. My conclusion is that you have to know what you’re doing (practice makes perfect) and I have a new found respect for cake decorators. Here’s what we did:

Step 1. Start with a mini two tiered cake (ordered from Ralph’s)

Step 2: Frost the exterior (used the store bought kind).

Step 3: Dye and roll out the fondant. This is where you need elbow grease. I was kneading the fondant so the dye would get evenly incorporated. It has the consistency of clay.

Step 4: Drape it over the frosted cake and smooth it out, cutting away the excess. This is where the technique plays in so your cake doesn’t have dimples. SL, you did great!

Step 5: Decorate. Imaginations run amok.

Suffice to say, we wanted more time to decorate. This was fun but I don’t think I want to work with fondant again. I rather just eat cake =)

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