queen for a day

It’s inarguable that moms are special and of course my mom is no exception. What I love and respect about her is her tenderness and resilience, intelligence, love for learning, mad culinary skills, and her heart of service. She also has a great sense of humor and a green thumb.

My sister and I spent Sunday afternoon cooking a simple dinner for our parents in her honor.  Funny story, when she shared with her church mom friends that her daughters were cooking dinner for her, they commented that having two daughters is much better than having two sons. Haha.. were they envious? 🙂  Below are some pictures from our home cooked dinner. Simple, flavorful food (not pictured: my sister made a delicious daeng jang jjigeh for my dad).

Btw, did you catch the clip of Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls accepting his MVP award? He personally thanks his mom for raising him, one of 4 boys as a single mother, as his inspiration and his heart.  Very touching and humbling. Totally random, but if you want Inside the NBA, you might appreciate this video about Mother’s Day.

late lunch – egg, basil, and tomatoes on foccacia

lemon and herb chicken tenders (recipe)

spinach salad with strawberries and onions + chicken + pasta salad with pinenuts, tomatoes, and basil

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