It’s been crazy busy this fall with work, church, volunteer commitments and whatnot. So much so that I’m feeling a bit under the weather, stuffy nose and all. To reflect on happier moments, I wanted to share some photos from my Paris trip this past summer.

Sounds so cliche to say that Paris is gorgeous but it really did take my breath away. Every street corner is postcard picture beautiful! I think my fav memory is picnicking in front of the Eiffel tower with bread, cheese, wine, and strawberries. So quintessentially Parisian! I felt like the little rat in Ratatouille where he’s taking a bite of the strawberry and cheese and feels moments of elation at the combination of flavors exploding in his little rat mouth. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but you get my drift.

The quality and artisan work that went into growing and producing the everyday cheese, strawberries, loaf of bread just blew me away. Sad to say I have no photos to show for. I was wiped out by that point in the trip to be lugging around a DSLR (sigh of regret). But I do have these to share:

Tunisian crepe in the Marais district at a charming restaurant on a cobblestone side street next to an old cathedral. drool..

Notre Dame cathedral with flying buttresses and all. We saw so many cathedrals on our trip through Spain but there was something unique and interesting about this one. My fearless traveling buddy, HY and I. Can’t believe we’ve been friends for a decade!

young. creative. fresh.

What trip is complete without trying French macarons? Tried this famous one near the Luxembourg Gardens. Hope to try the famous Laduree next time.

Surprisingly, the French were really nice people. Two instances where we were trying to get directions or catch the right train and locals were whipping out their iphones to look up the schedules, overall so kind to what is probably an annoyingly common occurance, lost tourists. Haha.. I was crossing the street once and accidently bumped into a young woman who reacted with a oh la la!  I promise I’m not making this up 🙂

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