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I thought I’d change things up a bit and feature one of my favorite peeps, my old LB roommate, fellow blogger, and friend, Christine Ver. We lived together in Long Beach during my grad school days while we tackled our roach infested apartment together and cooked up a storm. She’d take me cool wine bars and hole-in-the-walls while I’d cook up some Korean dishes for her to try. I love that she unleashes her creativity through her blog, FeedMySole by sharing good eats, travel, and fashion! It even inspired a grilled cheese party for friends. Check out my interview with Christine.
Sarah: Where do you live and what do you do?
Christine:I live in Long Beach and love to blog about food and fashion. Though these two can seem unrelated, they are very similar. By adding an ingredient to a dish you can come out with a completely different dish, or a layer to an outfit you can have a completely different outfit.
What inspired you to create FeedMySole?
I was inspired by women around me who came to me to ask for my opinion on recipes or pulling together outfits. In turn, I wanted to inspire women to become more empowered in the kitchen and in their closets. I want to show how easy-peasy it is to feel good about yourself. Hence, “feeding your soul.” I also like to share stories about my life. For example, I recently took my readers on my current journey throughout New York and shared some of my experiences as well as some of my favorite NYC and Brooklyn places.

What are 3 interesting, weird, or random “Christine” facts?
1. I would rather spend my money on food than clothes.
2. I danced Tahitian and Hula for 5 years.
3. Right now, my current obsession are Banh Mí sandwiches.
What’s your favorite “go to” dish?
Whether I have guests or am eating by myself I love to make antipasti plates with whatever I have available in my fridge, proscuitto, burrata, tomatoes, and/or pickled veggies sprinkled with just a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I’ll pair that typically with a red wine. It’s perfect before a meal or just by itself.

Which celebrity chef would you want to meet?
Although she is just a cook and not a chef I would love to meet Rachel Ray. She is really approachable and loves to laugh at herself. I feel like we could become gal pals or maybe even best friends. She just doesn’t know it yet.

What’s the best thing you ate while living in New York?
Where do I begin? Four months really doesn’t even crack into New York. I ate at a handful of really nice restaurants and a lot of street food while I was there. Oh man, this question is stressing me out! Ok, since I can’t think of just one I’ll give you categories. Brunch: Clinton St. Baking Company’s eggs benedict and pancakes. Appetizer: Torrisi’s warm, homemade, fresh mozzarella drizzled with olive oil. Main course: Morimoto’s ishi yaki buri bop. It’s yellowtail and rice cooked in a hot stone at your table. Pizza: although this place isn’t NY style it was just so good I didn’t care. Artichoke’s artichoke pizza. Coffee: Stumptown. Gourmet Doughnuts: Dough. Dessert: Rice to Riches.

I was overwhelmed with so much good food in the city that making a decision on where to eat became a task because I didn’t want to miss out on anything. I asked friends, researched online and read cuisine publications. In the end, I truly appreciated my experience there and am glad I get to share it with everyone.

Thanks Sarah for this fun interview. It’s a pleasure being featured on your blog! I read it often so keep making good food!

Thanks Christine for being a great sport and being a hula dancing, foodie, fashion lovin’ self! Special thanks for all those NYC recs. I’ll have to hit up some places next time I’m in the Big Apple. I’m looking forward to reading more of your good eats and fashion tips. Thanks for the fellow blogger encouragement!

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