a yearly tradition

Every year, my roomates from our ucsd days meet up and spend the day together. Luckily, 3 of us live in the area and hang out, the other lives in Hawaii (guess which one?) and we hadn’t seen her in over 2 years! Since she was in town, we decided to meet up and enjoy some Peruvian food (so good!).We were reminiscing on our college years and how lazy we were… haha.. we lived on the 2nd floor of the campus apartments and used to chuck our trash bags over the balcony and into the dumpster. Because we were one of the few sophomores with an apartment on-campus, our friends would come crash in between classes, watch our tv, eat our food, nap in our beds.. haha..  Thank God Facebook wasn’t around back then 🙂 We’d have some incriminating pics/videos of our friends and each other.

So good seeing you girls! Can’t believe we’ve known each other for a decade O_o  (dang, we’re old 😉

Sweet treats! They have a new seasonal flavor, pumpkin spice (surprisingly good).

We learned that Pinkberry doesn’t make it out to Hawaii. SK, you’ll just have to visit more often!

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