New York State of Mind

It’s been an exciting start to the new year! I was in Boston a few weeks back for work and spent the weekend meeting up with friends in New York. My friend Hannah and her cool roommate Ji were gracious to host me in their adorable upper east side apartment. Here’s a sampling of the good eats of the city that never sleeps and where you can get anything delivered (seriously).

sweet potato soup with wild rice and apples and salmon at good health

tea tasting at harney and sons in Soho.. so fun!

shake shack (i finally tried it! so glad i did)

bagel with lox from h&h

Pastries at Venieros, a New York institution

For you bookworms


My last day, I saw this poster… sad to miss it. Next time!

Highlights of this short trip included meeting up with friends, attending service at Redeemer (Tim Keller spoke), Hannah’s homemade samgyetang, and catching an off-broadway show. Did I mention the pleasant January weather? It was in the 50’s! Call me a weirdo but I love people watching in nyc. People wear the strangest, oddest things but it’s normal to be weird there.. does that make sense? I saw a lady with a fox stole and the tails dangling on her back. I wanted to pet the tails. Yeah, that’s weird! Haha…

4 thoughts on “New York State of Mind

  1. honeyandlimes Post author

    Thanks ladies for visiting and commenting! Hannah, I miss you and NYC already… will visit soon. Joyce, love your blog and i’ll have to check out that restaurant next time I’m in SD.


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