interview with the mad scientista

My super talented and hilarious friend Cindy agreed to humor me and my readers by letting me feature her on my blog 😉 Cindy and I met through church but we really got to bond through our small group experiences. I still remember her scrumptious bruschetta (oh man!). Take a few minutes to read about the mad scientista and her quirky blog. Btw, aren’t her photos beautiful (swoon)?!
What inspired you to create the Mad Scientista?
I have always loved blogging ever since the good ol’ days of Xanga.  I xanga’d for many many years and I met lots of dear friends through it.  I guess with so many people switching to Blogger and WordPress, I decided to make a new blog, starring my crazy rascal-of-a-son, Jacob, to chronicle my every day life as a wife, mother, and teacher!  Since I am a science teacher and a geek for anything “science”, the MadScientista was born!

What are 3 interesting, weird, or random “Cindy” facts?
1. I love raunchy humor. If you tell me a dirty joke, I’ll act horrified…but inside I’ll be dancing with glee.

2. When we decide where to travel to as a family, the first question I’ll ask myself is, “I wonder which city has the best food?”  and then go from there!

3. I de-stress by plucking hair.  I LOVE my tweezers. I pluck my armpits, eyebrows, and knuckles. But I also love plucking other people’s hair too!!  I’ve plucked many of my friend’s armpits!  Just feeling a hair come out of the pore is soooo satisfying!
What’s your favorite “go to” dish?
My favorite go-to dish would have to be my galbi-cheem.  Takes many hours to cook, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort!  It’s my husband’s favorite dish and he swears it’s better than any restaurant’s!  (gotta love him!) But if I’m looking for a quick-n-easy recipe…it’ll always be spam/kimchi bokeumbap or my sundried tomato and peppers pasta!  Both take about 20 minutes to make!

Cindy’s galbi cheem (a must-try!)

Which celebrity chef would you want to meet?
Without a doubt, that would have to be….The Pioneer Woman!!!  I love Ree and her humor, her easy and fattening recipes, and her step-by-step food photography.  I’m such a die-hard fan that my dear hubs wrote her a letter begging her to let me go to one of her “Weekends at the Lodge” cooking adventures!   I guess she hasn’t read his letter yet……sigh.  But I love Ree’s easy recipes and her step-by-step food photography.

What was it like having bearded dragons as pets (explain what they are first, please)?

What is a bearded dragon, you ask?  Ummm…a gentle lizard with soft spikes???  hahahah no one has ever asked me that before!!!!  Well, here’s a picture of our family’s 2 bearded dragons, “Rocko” and “Geh-gee-beh” when they were just babies.   (my mom named them!)

These are my mom’s pets.  She cares better for them than she does for us!  Even to the point of tucking them into bed with her.  Please refer to this crazy post about my crazy mom. (   It was definitely interesting growing up with atypical pets….but props to my mama for loving them so much!  Now, my little son loves them too!  As soon as we visit halmeh’s house, the first thing he’ll do is rush upstairs to feed them mealworms!  Makes this scientista very happy. =)


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