on how to be lovely

“Fashion fades, only style remains” – Coco Chanel

Like many girls, I grew up watching Audrey Hepburn films like Roman Holiday, Funny Face, Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s envying her couture clothing (often designed by Givenchy) and not just what she wore but how she wore it. She exuded charm, confidence, and femininity.

To me, fashion is just that, individual style graced with confidence. These are my (contemporary) style muses.

spain style layered

I love this look featured on the Sartorialist, a feminine take on menswear w/a bold scarf and aviator glasses. I showed my mom the blog and she said the looks were all punk. lol! different strokes for different folks.

spain style two tone jacket

This is such a simple look w/a bit of an edge; digging the two-toned leather.

spain style 5

These looks feature trendsetter and fashion editor, Marina Larroude of style.com. Beautiful silhouettes and pops of color.

9to5Chic 5

Last but not least is my fav fashion blogger, Anh of 9to5chic. I love how she mixes high and low pieces (including Zara) for a simple but elegant look. The iconic SF backdrops and wearable looks makes her my favorite blogger.

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