boston part 2: sightseeing

I love this city. I didn’t know if I would but I had to give it a fair shot. Thanks to all the helpful suggestions via facebook, we explored Boston’s sights popular to locals and tourists alike.

The Boston Public Library is a gem. If I had a local library like this, I would be more inclined to study more diligently in my student days. The courtyard was an unexpected surprise. Established in 1848, it was first publicly funded library in the country.


Photo credits: top taken by Julie, bottom from this blog.

A short walk from the library, we walked over to the Boston Public Garden. Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, who also designed NYC’s Central Park. An idyllic oasis, it was a great spot for taking a break in the shade and people watching. We noticed a few bridal parties taking pictures (and the poor groomsmen in their 3-piece tuxedos in very humid weather!)

Boston Public Garden Sept 11 - 05

garden 2

Photo credits: blog; wikipedia

We also explored Newbury Street in Back Bay over a very hot and humid weekend. Ugh! It was so hot we tucked into an independent bookstore, Trident Booksellers, voted Best of Boston for multiple years. We were pleasantly surprised by their simple and satisfying food despite the weather that temporarily sapped our appetites. We also picked up a crisp summer Riesling (clean slate) from Bauer Wines and Spirits for a night cap.

I love Boston’s architecture. It adds so character and charm to the city. Walking around Harvard University and the Cambridge area was quaint. Did you know that Harvard was the first university in the country educating the clergy and future politicians. Because it’s a walking town, we were able to experience it on foot (despite the hot weather). All in all, it was a memorable trip with my foodie friends.

Photo credits below: my iphone pics. follow me on instagram


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