4 Ways to Save On Groceries


I read that about 40% of produce in America gets thrown out. I’m guilty of throwing away half a head of lettuce, old avocados, etc. In addition to reducing food waste, I’m also on a mission to pay down my debt this year so I’ve been brainstorming ways to save on groceries.

1/ Buy from bulk bins. Grocery stores including Whole Foods, Smart & Final, and Sprouts carry grains, nuts, spices, trail mix and more so you can buy what you need. I appreciate that I can buy a tablespoon of poppy seeds rather than buying a $5 jar and only use it once or twice.

2/ Find multiple uses for produce items. I bought some frozen artichokes this week and it’s been a fun challenge to find multiple ways to incorporate them into my meals for the week like this recipe and throwing them into an omelette. I love that Chef Julie has this post on multiple uses for lemons on her blog.

3/Dedicate one night of meal cooking and planning for the week. This is so helpful! I typically spend a few hours on Sunday night to get a head start on the week. Going to the crowded grocery store on Monday night and wandering the aisles is no bueno for me. Below is my sister’s photo of her spicy peanut salad she shared on instagram (looking good!). Reliable sites for finding recipes and ideas include theKitchn, DALS, and this blog.

alice cooks

4/Use leftover veggies for chicken broth. Throw them into a freezer bag for future broth. Check out my recipe; homemade broth makes amazing soups, risotto, etc.

What are your tips and trips for saving money on produce and other groceries?


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