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blogger interview: anna kim of revolving styles

I’m excited to feature my good friend, Anna and her lovely blog, Revolving Styles. Since we attend the same church, I would often notice her unique and chic style and I only later came to find out that she buys and sells vintage clothing and accessories on her etsy shop (how cool is that?). Read about her experience of creating a runway fashion show and tips for adding vintage pieces to your modern wardrobe. Thanks to Anna for letting me feature you on my blog!

Note: all images are provided by Anna and featured on her blog.

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Tell us about your blog, Revolving Styles.

Revolving Styles is a blog that shares about styles from the past, as well as my own personal vintage style, and how I juggle being a stay at home mom while running an online shop.

My venture into blogging seemed the fitting action to take after I started my online vintage shop on Etsy. After researching other online vintage shops, I realized that most had a blog connected with their shop. I opened up my Etsy shop in November 2009 and began blogging shortly after that.

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When and how did you get interested vintage clothing?

Like many teenage girls, I experimented with clothing. I went through a grunge phase, a preppy phase, a boho phase (if you could call it that) and many of the clothes I used were my mother’s clothing from the 70s and 80s. Back when I was a teenager, I had no clue that I was dressing vintage, but I guess that’s where it started.

My love for vintage really grew when I decided to start an online business while being a full time stay at home mom. I’m a very compulsive person and I decided literally in one day that I would start an online vintage shop. I went to my first estate sale, looking for electronics (random, I know), and while I was there, I stepped into a room full of vintage clothing and a light bulb went off. Right then, I decided that I could generate income by selling vintage clothing. It was that quick and simple. I’ve been selling vintage clothing ever since and I really do enjoy what I do. I always wonder who wore the piece and where they wore it to. Not only are vintage pieces constructed so well, they have history and a story behind them, which add on to their beauty and uniqueness.

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What would you tell women who want to wear vintage clothing but unsure if it fits with their existing wardrobe?

My whole vision for my shop is to have vintage fit the modern day woman. Many of the trends and styles today have a retro spin. If you’re hesitant to wear a vintage piece, I always say start with the accessories. Vintage necklaces, belts, and bags are timeless and can be used to enhance any modern day wardrobe.

It’s also important to know which era flatters your body type. For example, if you’re pear shaped, 1950s shirtwaist dresses would be flattering. Or, if you have a long torso, finding high waisted pieces would be good to look for.

Finally, many vintage pieces are gorgeous and one of a kind. But, since they’re one of a kind, don’t be disappointed if the item doesn’t fit you perfectly. That’s what alterations are for.

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How do you select the pieces you feature on your blog and etsy shop?

When selecting items for the shop/blog, I always look for several things.

1. Would I wear it?

2. Is it in good condition or at least salvageable?

Also, I tend to look for more items from the 30s-50s since I just think those eras were the prettiest. The lines, fabric, and construction of pieces from those years were remarkable and I really do get excited whenever I find pieces from those particular eras.

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Tell us about putting together your first runway show at our church last fall. How was that experience for you?

I have to admit that I felt quite nervous when asked to put on a vintage runway show. It seemed like lots of work and pressure. It was. But, it turned out to be lots of fun, also! I was lucky enough to find willing (and some not so willing) models that looked gorgeous in their vintage dresses, while having fun on the runway.

The show lasted probably less than 15 minutes, but it took a lot more time to prepare. These dresses were dresses I was selling, or going to sell, so alterations were not an option. Finding a dress that fit took some time, planning the music (with the help of Gina) took some thought, and the actual rehearsals required lots of flexibility and time, also. I felt like a tyrant trying to tell woman when, where, and how to walk. My teacher voice definitely came out, but the women were all so nice and understanding. My apologies to the New Life women. Ha.

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Advice for other bloggers out there on generating interesting blog posts?

I am still working on the blogging aspect of my business. Honestly, blogging is the toughest for me. I’ve thought about quitting several times because of my lack of direction. After much thought and research, I think I finally figured out the direction I want my blog to go.

So, my advice to other bloggers is to first figure out the direction of your blog and go from there. Then, just be genuine. Write posts that interest you and not what you think will interest others. I think readers can sense when a blogger truly enjoys what they are writing.

Finally, great pictures are a must. (I’m still working on this). People love pictures and tend to look at pictures on blogs, in my opinion.