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kimchi making class

Last weekend I took a kimchi making class at the LA home of a Hae Jung Cho, professional chef and master preserver. I had a blast learning how to make 3 types of kimchi: poggi (whole napa cabbage), kkakdugi (diced radish), and oi muchim (cucumber salad). Learning how to make poggi kimchi gave me a newfound respect for the generations of Korean women that make it.

sok for kkak
























kimchi grp









Although it was a lot of work, I enjoyed the experience and getting my hands dirty with Korean red chili powder, garlic, ginger, and learning the names of the herbs that go into the sok (or ‘filling’ of the poggi kimchi). I always see them at the Korean supermarket produce section but never know what dishes they’re used in.

4 days later, fermented kimchi :)

4 days later, fermented kimchi 🙂










I definitely plan on making the oi muchim and kkakdugi as both were very easy and not labor intensive. Not sure if I’ll make the poggi kimchi again, at least until I live in a home with storage space for ginormous size mixing bowls (that I can easily fit in). I told my mom about the experience and she said, Don’t make poggi kimchi, it’s too much work. Just buy it!. For reals, mom.

If you’re in the LA area and interested in taking a kimchi making class or Korean market tour, check out this interview with Hae Jung Cho where it also lists her contact info. The beauty of the internet, that’s how I learned about her kimchi making class.